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Triad cleaning services

​Superb Commercial Cleaning Services in the Triad

As we all know, there are so many important facets to owning and operating your own business. Owners and managers juggle a lot of tasks and wear a lot of hats. Sometimes, outsourcing some of these demands can help lighten the load and keep your business running smoothly. One job you can easily allow others to handle is the cleaning. Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Triad franchise owners can provide janitorial services, and cleanliness will never be a worry again! 

High Quality Customer Service Leads to Great Business

Owner Charles Lockee knows what it’s like to run a business. Since opening in 2009, he has built the business to serve more than 300 customers throughout the Triad. How? He built his business on customer service. To that end, they are able to customize your experience with cleaning schedules to meet your business’s needs.

Several types of businesses use Vanguard cleaning services. General offices, schools, medical facilities and offices, churches, as well as property-managed buildings are all included. No matter the business, you will be getting affordable, environmentally-friendly services. As a proud member of USGBC (US Green Building Council), Vanguard uses all green cleaning methods. Additionally, this eliminates some dangerous chemicals from your work environment.

Four Basic Triad Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning: This service is for a variety of offices, such as attorneys, real-estate, insurance, corporate and more. Services provided will include a thorough cleaning of several areas, such as cubicles, reception areas, break rooms, walkways, and more.

Medical Office Cleaning: Medical offices come with their own unique cleaning requirements. In fact, several organizations have books of regulations, such as OSHA and HIPAA, to avoid the spread of diseases and infections. Not to worry, Vanguard is up for the task. Additionally, they have infection control disinfecting techniques, methods to eliminate cross-contamination, and they follow all blood-borne pathogen standards.

Common Area Maintenance: Managing a multi-tenant building is stressful enough without having to worry about cleanliness. Allow Vanguard to clean the common areas your tenants must travel through. Also, they will handle tenant requests, where feasible. They will take on this large job and handle it with ease!

School Cleaning: Schools are high-volume, high-touch, and high-traffic environments. As such, they require special care and attention. Vanguard is well-versed in accommodating schools’ specific sets of needs. Of course, their goal is to keep your children and staff as healthy as possible through a clean environment.

With a business built on customer service, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Triad franchise owners will not stop until you are completely satisfied with their work. So, no matter your business or cleaning need, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Triad is the answer. That said, allow them to take over your unique Triad cleaning services and eliminate a source of stress. Vanguard franchise owners are ready to help your businesses take on a new level of shine! Contact us to learn more!

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