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3 Tips For Your Office During Cold Weather Months

Let’s face it; most of us are just counting the days until spring. Snow, ice, and wet weather have begun to grow old as the Triad makes it through February.  It can be even more treacherous if you work in an office that is not well maintained. Illness from germs and accidents from slippery floors are just a couple of the things you might have to navigate.  tip 3:

1.) Attend to Entranceways

One of the biggest hazards during the winter months are slippery floors brought about by inclement weather. Building entranceways, where foot traffic is at its highest, are generally the biggest culprit. Most of the time, a heavy-duty rug or mat is the best solution. This will trap the precipitation brought in from the outside that may leak out onto your stone floors, while also reducing the amount that makes it into the office. Furthermore, mold issues will be reduced in your office’s carpeting. Still, asking your commercial cleaner about additional solutions and maintenance options is always a smart move. The right professionals will have unique, cost-effective ideas for your individual office or commercial building.

2.) Clean Those Windows

Simply put, having crystal clean windows lets in more light. This helps during the winter in multiple ways. First, it brightens up the office, even during those all-too-common overcast days; a dark workspace can hurt the eyes and bring people down as well. Second, natural sunlight helps to maintain clean and dry air within the office. Third, it can actually help in absorbing excess moisture on hard flooring and carpets to avoid accidents and mold build-up.

3.) Eliminate Hidden Germs

As we all know, cold weather brings about more cold and flu symptoms, especially in common areas around an office, which are well-known breeding grounds for germs. So making sure every inch of your office is cleaned regularly will help protect your employee’s immune systems, thus reducing the amount of sick days they’ll have to take. A professional commercial cleaning company will ensure all countertops, doorknobs, bathrooms and even chairs are germ-free.


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