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5 Tips for Dental Office Cleaning

Dental offices need cleaning just like any other commercial space, but they often have added sanitization needs due to the high volume of unique patients that cycle through on a regular basis. Any health setting, dental offices included, must be held to a higher standard of cleanliness than many other establishments. Because of this, dental office cleaning can be a rigorous process that requires significant attention to detail. Here are five dental office cleaning tips to keep your practice healthy, thriving, and hygienic.

1. Dust All Surfaces Before Dust is Visible

By the time dust is visible on surfaces, the amount of bacteria, dirt, and germs on those surfaces is staggering. Dusting surfaces regularly can keep dust from accumulating in large amounts, which can improve air quality and reduce the incidence of office illness. Feather dusters or other subpar dusting tools can simply spread dust around; using a microfiber cloth or damp cloth to dust can prevent dirt from getting swept back up into the air.

2. Clean High-Touch Surfaces Regularlydental office cleaning

High-touch surfaces in dental offices, like those in doctors offices or any other establishment that regularly sees high volumes of kids or sick patients or children, must be sanitized regularly to prevent the spread of disease. These surfaces include tables, doors and door handles, desks, and chairs. Pens, magazines, and clipboards should be replaced often or cleaned if applicable. Having hand sanitizer available near these high-touch surfaces can help keep them cleaner between visits from your dental office cleaning crew.

3. Use Appropriate Disinfectants

Disinfecting is a key part of any dental office cleaning routine. All dental practices disinfect their tools, but other surfaces should be disinfected as well. Patient chairs, X-ray machinery, handles and doorknobs, bathrooms, pens, armrests, desks, and other surfaces should be disinfected regularly with an adequate disinfectant or sanitizing agent. A professional janitorial service will be equipped to properly disinfect your dental office’s surfaces.

4. Clean and Organize Your Reception Area

Like with any other office, the first thing that patients and customers see in your dental office is the waiting room or lobby. Because of this, keeping your reception area clean and organized is vital. In addition to the disinfecting and dusting tips outlined above, make sure that your waiting room is organized. Avoid keeping magazines in a sloppy pile, and put pens in a pen holder rather than having them scattered haphazardly around the check-in area. Every item should be in its place.

5. Clean Bathrooms

An office is only as clean as its bathroom. Your bathrooms should be disinfected regularly, and you should ensure that adequate amounts of supplies like toilet paper, soap, and paper towels are always present for guests. Germs can spread easily from the bathroom to the rest of your dental office if your guests do not have the materials necessary to clean up after themselves.

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