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clean office

Show Them You Care With a Clean Office

Valentine’s Day is not just about sharing love with your significant other; it is also meant for other important people in our life – our office staff, friends, neighbors, etc.  Speaking of office staff, you spend a huge chunk of your time every day with them. That means, showing them some love this season is […]
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The Argument for Office Plants

Having office plants may seem like a nice idea, but all too often introducing them into a work environment goes awry. In many cases, after a few weeks, you may be left with a few shedding, drooping, browning clumps in the corner. This is a tale as old as time which produces the very opposite […]
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office microwave clean

Office Cleaning Tip: Good as New Microwave

Employee illness can be a significant problem for businesses. Unfortunately, the workplace can be a source for the spread of germs. The office kitchen and break room are places that can harbor germs if not properly cleaned. Aside from the water cooler, the kitchen may be the busiest place in an office environment. Regrettably, it […]
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manufacturing facility cleaning

Industrial Facility Cleaning

Industrial facility cleaning demands are much different than those required in a typical office environment.  These facilities produce goods as well as ship, receive, and warehouse them.  Since these tasks tend to create an abundance of dirt and debris through continuous movement of product through the supply chain. This dirt and debris can be harmful […]
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commercial cleaning resolutions

Commercial Cleaning New Year’s Resolutions

Commercial cleaning may not be the first thing you think of when developing New Year’s resolutions. However, the New Year is a great time to take stock of your commercial cleaning program and take small but important steps to make it better.  Here are a few things to help you begin to think strategically about […]
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Bank cleaning

The Importance of Bank Cleaning

In the market for a professional bank cleaning service?  If so, you probably recognize that clients look for integrity in all aspects of their banking institution. Whether it is a bank or credit union, local or national, that bank is trusted with its client’s financial future.  Their new house or car, retirement savings, vacation stash, […]