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  • Sep
dirty office

So, it might be time to get a cleaning service

Has this ever happened to you, perhaps even recently? You stroll into the office on a Monday morning, ready to begin the work week. You make your way to the office break room to get your first cup of coffee. However, on the way down the hall, your shoes stick to the floor.  I mean, […]
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Day porters: Working throughout the day to help keep you safe

If you weren’t familiar with the commercial cleaning industry before 2020, you would probably be surprised how little and infrequently offices, restaurants, gyms, and airplanes were actually being cleaned by professionals. Commercial cleaning services, until COVID-19, was really perceived more as a luxury or ancillary business cost and was usually one of the first costs […]
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commercial cleaning

Now is the time to hire a commercial cleaning service

Businesses must be particularly diligent when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting. The past few months have made that more clear than ever.  If you are operating high-traffic areas where customers come and go and workers come into contact with them and each other on a regular basis, then you owe it to everyone to […]
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new norm

The New Norm

Enhanced cleaning, including professional disinfecting for infection prevention, is going to be the new norm.  We, at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Triad, have seen this transition happen over the past several months as current and new clients have begun to request more and more detailed cleaning of their facilities.  One of the many issues […]
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  • Jul

How COVID-19 has changed Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning—and the proper way to do it—has been a very popular topic over the past several months. With the emergence of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, many people have become more aware of cleanliness and what it takes to clean. This has been observed both in the domestic and commercial fronts of the industry, […]