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  • Jun
office chairs

Tips on Cleaning Your Office Chair

If you work in an office, chances are high that you’ve spilled a little bit of coffee or food on your chair at one point or another. Knowing how to clean stains from your office chairs can leave your office looking more professional, as well as help to keep your employees from staining their clothing […]
  • 31
  • May

How Hidden Dirt in Carpets Can Cause Sickness in a Building

Even when a carpet looks perfectly clean, it can secretly harbor an entire ecosystem of bacteria, mold, dust mites, and insects. This is because soiled carpeting has all of the elements needed for these types of life to flourish: Moisture, nutrients, and a surface on which to grow. Regular vacuuming does much to reduce the […]
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  • May
memorial day

    When you work together with Vanguard Cleaning Systems of the Triad, you may have the opportunity to help those who have served our country.  Remembering our fallen soldiers this Memorial Day is just as important as helping those who have returned home!
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  • May
summer cleaning

Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer cleaning in your facility present a unique set of issues for both you and your janitorial services company. Each season has a set of challenges and summer is no different. When that warm weather hits, it’s hard to resist the call of pools, barbecues, boating and other summer evening plans. Never mind we might […]
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  • May
deep cleaning

Office Deep Cleaning – How Important Is It?

  Regular office deep cleaning is sometimes overlooked as unnecessary.  However, they are important, just as regular spring cleanings are to the homes we live in! Employees spend a lot of time in their offices.  Shouldn’t they be regularly deep cleaned? Offices and work places are shared spaces. Germs easily transfer  from space to space […]
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  • May
office recycling

Office Recycling For A Socially Responsible Business

Social responsibility comes in many shapes and forms. In an office environment you might not think about an office recycling initiative as being socially responsible, however, implementing “greener” business practices can benefit the communities in which you serve, as well as society as a whole. Incorporating an office recycling program at your workplace may yield […]
  • 29
  • Apr

Measles Prevention: How we can help

Certified professional janitorial services are the perfect solution to combat the rising challenge of measles outbreaks in our area. Basic Facts About Measles While vaccination is demonstrably the best solution to prevent measles outbreaks, the process does not account for several variables.  These include widespread objections to vaccinations, or a confirmed infected individual. A person […]
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  • Apr
green commercial cleaning

Green Commercial Cleaning Benefits

Why choose green commercial cleaning? Great question! Generally speaking, many traditional commercial cleaners are made up of a variety of harsh and toxic chemicals, making them a hazard to you and everyone else’s’ health. You don’t have to choose that type of clean; there are healthier solutions that won’t break the bank. Offering our customers […]
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  • Apr
franchise business

Franchise Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

  Franchise business opportunities abound for entrepreneurs who seek to own a business, or diversify their current business holdings. In fact, according to Statitsa, there were an estimated 745,290 franchise establishments operating in the U.S. in 2017 (up from 2016). And, in a Franchise Buinsess Economy Outlook report conducted for IFA, franchised businesses will continue […]