Vanguard Commercial Cleaning FranchiseOur Franchise

If you’re looking for an adventurous and fulfilling way to enter into the commercial cleaning industry, the opportunities available at Vanguard Cleaning Systems® cannot be matched.  The initial franchising fee ranges from $8,000 – $35,000 and can be financed.

You could be one step closer to being your own boss!

The Customer Experience

Our approach is unique in that we come to our customers with a winning attitude.  Often, customers are frustrated with standard cleaning services and are locked into long-term contracts with companies that don’t provide beneficial cleaning.  A Vanguard franchisee has the drive and investment it takes to provide the service that customers require.

The Business Model

Vanguard franchises have continued to soar due to the following steps:

  • Know-how: Since 1984, Vanguard has supported the independently owned and operated cleaning franchises you see today. This is achieved through extensive experience in the field, as well as the drive to get each business started with strong support.  Highlighted in many publications, Vanguard Cleaning is recognized as one of the best in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Programs: The Vanguard comprehensive cleaning program is like no other; it employs a rigorous combination of hands-on experience, digital learning, on-site education, and interactive sessions.
  • Our Model: With combined profit-motive and comprehensive support programs, Vanguard is a cut above the rest. As such, our franchise owners have a more vested interest in delivering to their customers the true Vanguard experience. This model, with its personable and dedicated service, goes far beyond that of larger companies.
  • Support: Customer service is the name of the game, but so is franchisee support. The Vanguard name comes with regional and local staff to help our members with anything and everything they may need, helping develop your business quickly and properly.

Our Promise

Vanguard Cleaning is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your ownership needs.  We are committed to making your franchise successful, keeping you and your customers happy!

If you would like more information about joining the Vanguard team, contact us today at (336) 553-3881.