Medical Office Cleaning Winston SalemWhile some companies specialize in office cleaning, medical offices have unique requirements.  Medical facilities must comply with various regulations put forth by OSHA, HIPAA, and other agencies. They must ensure that they are doing everything within their power to prevent the spread of infections, bacteria, and disease.

Vanguard Cleaning Systems® is one of the few solutions up to the task.  Healthcare facilities provide unique challenges for which only a handful of professional cleaning companies are prepared.  We are also up to the task of reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) and cross-contamination.

The Vanguard Cleaning Systems® Emphasize

  • Infection Control: ground-breaking disinfecting techniques through effective cleaning
  • Safe Practices: OSHA blood-borne pathogen standards are upheld
  • Cleaner Image: your facility will never shine brighter than after a cleaning from Vanguard
  • Minimal cross-contamination: through use of appropriate cleaning materials, the percentage of cross-contamination is almost 0
  • HIPAA: our cleaning crews will uphold these standards as they apply to their positions

Our Wide Range of Services for Medical Office Cleaning 

When it comes to medical facilities, Vanguard offers services to facilities including:

  • Physician’s Offices including dental, chiropractic, and physical therapy
  • Clinics including, but not limited to, rehabs and family planning
  • Urgent Care
  • Outpatient and surgery clinics

Our franchisees are happy to walk you through the products we use to keep your medical facilities in compliance, as well as safe from harmful contaminants.

Our staff has gone through extensive training on healthcare protocol and procedure, ensuring their knowledge and care when it comes to keeping your medical offices in pristine and safe condition.

Vanguard’s® Way

When you bring on Vanguard Cleaning Systems, you’re bringing on one of the best cleaning companies in the United States.  Our top-of-the-line equipment and procedures are specialized in order to help us exceed your expectations.

Interested in a Vanguard clean?  Contact your local representative today!