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cleaning checklist

Your Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

A working environment should always be kept clean and tidy. If your office is always messy, rest assured your working morale will suffer. Moreover, office furniture can be a host to different types of bacteria. In case you are wondering where these bacteria come from, think about the times you have had to eat lunch […]
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office microwave clean

Office Cleaning Tip: Good as New Microwave

Employee illness can be a significant problem for businesses. Unfortunately, the workplace can be a source for the spread of germs. The office kitchen and break room are places that can harbor germs if not properly cleaned. Aside from the water cooler, the kitchen may be the busiest place in an office environment. Regrettably, it […]
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office flu

Prepare Your Workplace for Cold & Flu Season

The common cold and seasonal flu can wreck havoc on employee productivity. For businesses, that translates into lost revenue because employees are out sick or don’t feel their best at work.  Prepare your office for cold and flu season using the tips below. Encourage employees to get a flu vaccine shot. This is the single […]
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janitorial services Greensboro NC

​Janitorial Services Greensboro NC – Commercial Building

All commercial buildings hold a business, institution or medical facility that has important jobs to do. Yet, none of that would be possible if those buildings were unclean. That is where Vanguard Cleaning Systems® comes in, with exceptional cleaning services. They offer janitorial services Greensboro NC businesses need to keep operations running smoothly. Why Choose […]