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reduce viral outbreaks

How Office Cleaning Service Can Reduce Viral Outbreaks

One of the most effective precautions a workplace can take against viral outbreaks is also among the simplest: hire professional cleaning staff to complete a thorough cleaning of the entire facility. Keeping professional cleaners on hand to disinfect and clean all flu season long is the best way to prevent outbreaks and control the spread […]
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  • Jan
cleaning checklist

Your Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

A working environment should always be kept clean and tidy. If your office is always messy, rest assured your working morale will suffer. Moreover, office furniture can be a host to different types of bacteria. In case you are wondering where these bacteria come from, think about the times you have had to eat lunch […]
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commercial cleaning resolutions

Commercial Cleaning Resolutions for 2020

Commercial cleaning may not be the first thing you think of when developing New Year’s resolutions. But If you need help thinking strategically about how to put this important relationship to work for your business, here’s a closer look at what you need to know. Go green Many New Year’s resolutions focus on being healthier. […]
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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Facility

With the winter season finally over and the longer days and warm weather ahead, many business owners have already initiated their spring cleaning routines. The beautiful spring weather presents us with the perfect opportunity to give attention to certain objects and areas that may have been idle or ignored during the colder months. For many […]
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  • Feb
clean office

Show Them You Care With a Clean Office

Valentine’s Day is not just about sharing love with your significant other; it is also meant for other important people in our life – our office staff, friends, neighbors, etc.  Speaking of office staff, you spend a huge chunk of your time every day with them. That means, showing them some love this season is […]
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Office Cleaning Tip – Holiday Tree Sap Removal

The holiday season is a wonderful time of year when many businesses spruce up their office space and bring holiday cheer to their employees.  Many offices adorn their common areas with garland using wintertime plants such as fir, pine, and holly.  Even more will erect a holiday tree.  While the decorations make the workspace looks […]